What made Tattoo’s so popular

//What made Tattoo’s so popular

What made Tattoo’s so popular

Tattoos are often associated with metal heads and biker gangs and that is a stereotype that has slowly been changing over the past 5 decades or so. Tattoos have reached huge popularity in the United Kingdom and public exposure through music videos, films, TV programs and fashion models has contributed to that. They can be used to represent things that happened before in our lives or that we feel a strong connection to. People have different reasons behind choosing to have a tattoo and some do it for commemorating important events in their lives, some are for sentimental reasons and the rest do it because they like the look or the feel of being tattooed. UK footballer, David Beckham is well known for his “sleeves” and Harry Styles already has a burgeoning collection of tattoos.

Tattoo Stigma Diminishing

A study among students in Northumbria University revealed that people uses tattoos to communicate specific ideas. In the United Kingdom, tattoos are very much a part of our modern culture and the stigma associated with tattoos has already diminished considerably and modern tattooists are considered to be artists.

The practice of tattooing is probably as old as the humanity itself. In the UK and other western countries, tattoos are now judged purely based on their aesthetics value. Tattoos are something that people carry for life, so they become quite committed. In some cases, they are not too different than the wrinkles or scars on our bodies, which define our life and explain what we have gone through.

1 in 5 People Have a Tattoo

Most people have no regrets about tattooing their body, because, to them, their skin is a blank canvas that they can paint at will. In the modern era, people with an urge to redefine themselves can choose tattoos as a way to express their opinions. Today, it’s estimated that about 20 percent of the UK population has tattoos of varying sizes and complexities. Among young adults, the figure increases to around 33 percent and as the trend continues to increase, experts say that we will reach a tattoo peak at around 2025.

The Future of Tattoos in the UK

Tattoos in the UK has become so commonplace that many people choose tattoos like they would choose furniture for their homes. It is interesting to see how the tattoo industry will continue to expand in the future. Even tattoo removal businesses are seen as a promising business opportunity. As tattoo removal methods become more effective and less painful, tattoos will become even more appealing.

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