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Here at G1 Tattoo Removal we provide Laser Tattoo Temoval Combination Treatments which we believe are the most effective in the world when it comes to removing a tattoo. Combination treatments help you get the most out of the laser removal process while also minimizing pain and speeding the process up as much as humanly possible.

Why humanly possible?
Lots of people who are considering laser tattoo removal are under the misconception that the process is the laser burning the ink away but that is not at all how it works, the laser is just the first step in the removal process.

Initially the laser helps to break down the ink which the bodys immune system then gets rid of, it is your immunte system that does most of the work! A combination treatment will ensure that your immune system is as effective as possible at doing this and supported in eliminating the broken down ink.

Regardless of your reasons for wanting to get rid of your tattoo or how far you want to go with it (some people want to drop the ink for good but others just want to fade things down a little before they go for a cover up to make that cover up more effective) we can accommodate you.

Every client we work with starts with a free consultation which can be carried out at our studio, our office or a local location of your choice we will give you the complete details on the removal process and what we would recommend specifically for you. The advantage of having the consultation at our studio is that we will be able ot show you the equipment and even carry out a patch test on your skin with the laser. This will allow us to understand the best settings to get the best results for your specific ink on your exact skin tone as no two clients are the same.

While the laser is the foundation of the treatment process we will also include use of creams to help further maginigy the effects.

Finally once your treatment is completed we provide a free life long aftercare service which is second to none. We know you don’t just want to lose the tattoo but you also want to be left with flawless skin which you can show off.

It is our goal to not just remove the tattoo but to leave you looking as though it was never there in the first place.

Have a look on our website or get in touch today, we are waiting for your call and happy to go over the process on the phone before we even setup a consultation. We have heard all of the concerns before, everything from “does it hurt” to “how long will it take” and we never tire of answering these questions.

The truth is, in a most cases the answer to the common questions you have about removing your tattoo will be the same, “it totally depends on the combination of ink, your skin and the size of the artwork”, however, if you are able ot provide us with some pictures or a look at what you want removing we can give you the bespoke and details answer you need to put your mind at ease and decide if you want to go ahead with a treatment.

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