How to choose the perfect tattoo for you

//How to choose the perfect tattoo for you

How to choose the perfect tattoo for you

Choosing a tattoo design can be an overwhelmingly perplexing process if you don’t know
exactly what you want or if you have concerns over choosing the wrong design. It is staying
with you for life once it’s done (unless you undergo tattoo removal laser surgery); so it’s
worth putting some thought into it and making the right choice with the right tattooist.
In a previous article ‘5 things you need to know before getting inked’ we discuss how to find a
trustworthy and safe tattooist in your area.

QUESTION 1 | what inspired you to want a tattoo?
Tattoos are inspired by different themes from Disney characters and unicorns to ancient Greek gods
like Zeus or Hermes. Some tattoos are of photographs inspired by lost loved ones while other tattoos
remain the regretted mark of a drunken night out. What is your inspiration? What has made you
want to get a tattoo? This is probably the first and most important question you should consider.
Once you know why you are getting a tattoo you will become more aware of the message you would
like to carry with you.

QUESTION 2 | which part of your body? Arm? Leg? Neck? Back?
The second most important thing to consider is which part of your body you will get tattooed. The
location on your body will help you to shape your decision process. If you are inspired by getting a
tattoo on your lower back or over your shoulder for example, the design must flow with that specific
part of your body. Often you will find the ideas beginning to flow and develop once you know where
it will be placed. Plan the size carefully in proportion to your body and think of ways it can
complement existing or new tattoos (if you are planning to get more in the future).

QUESTION 3 | what kind of tattoo are you thinking of getting?
Some of you will have your tattoo mapped in your mind so you know exactly what you are looking
for. Maybe you have been looking for tattoo ideas in tattoo magazines, online tattoo blog articles or
been inspired by someone else’s tattoo, in which case your decision-making process gets a whole lot
simpler. Take a photo of your preferred designs and show them to your tattooist to get a head start.
Some of you might want, for example, a tribal back piece but you may not have a clue how it should
look. In cases such as this you will need to take more time to consider the various tattoo styles
available from a selection of tattooists in your area (or outside if that is where your research takes
you). Use sites like Pinterest or Google Image to stimulate the brain cells and go on a journey through
a land of creative brilliance. See which designs jump out at you and think about how you can make
them unique.
For those of you who do not have the slightest drop of ‘creativity’ flowing through your veins, take
your time to get it right. The tattooist will still be there when you are ready and certain.

QUESTION 4 | is your tattoo of personal significance to you?
Quite often tattoos are designed to reflect a message of personal relevance. If your chosen design
holds no personal significance, then why mark yourself with it forever? Work towards a future with
no regrets by choosing something meaningful designed to last a lifetime.

QUESTION 5 | are you planning to share your tattoo with the world?
Although tattoo designs are mostly considered outside the realm of copyright issues, that doesn’t
mean the design belongs to you once it is on your body. Think twice before you go uploading other
people’s artistic design work on social media for others to see and use. To learn more about this, read
another interesting tattoo article we wrote called Copyright Tattoo Laws in the UK.

a) Altered states of consciousness can lead to bad tattoo decisions (don’t be the one to get
someone’s genitalia printed on your forehead whilst on holiday with the lads)
b) Bad spelling is also a massive no-no (there is nothing worse than getting a tattoo only to realise
it’s spelt completely wrong)
c) Thinking of having Chinese or Latin writing? Do your research first and make sure it translates
into what you think it does (you might ask for the word ‘Universe’ and get ‘Monkey’ instead).
d) Lastly, think about following current trends before you jump on the band wagon because when
that trend ends you’ll be left marked forever (applies to celebrity tattoos, music bands, etc)

Conclusion Visit RatedInk UK tattoo artist review site to start your search for a professional, safe and
protected tattoo artist that will design the perfect tattoo for you. Learn about the health risks
of getting a tattoo and proceed with a good knowledge of how your tattooist operates. Feel
free to post any queries or questions and connect with us on Facebook at

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