How to Choose What Body Part to Get Tattooed

//How to Choose What Body Part to Get Tattooed

How to Choose What Body Part to Get Tattooed

Today, many people love to flaunt their new tattoos as they are proud of them and what they stand for. Tattoos have become a part of the modern fashion statement and people are adoring various parts of their bodies with them. Strategically positioned and well-designed tattoos can make your body look even more beautiful and attractive and when it comes to choosing the part of your body that will receive the tattoo, you need to know that not all body parts are equal. Some parts of our body have more sensitive skin than others which means those parts will be more painful during the tattooing process.

Here are the best parts of your body that can get a tattoo:

  • Wrist: Tattoos on the wrist can be hidden under a watch or bracelet while at work.
  • Lower back: This is a popular spot for tattoo placement among women.
  • Chest
    : Placing tattoos on the chest allows you to use a bigger design as you have more space to work with.
  • Upper back: You can also be very flexible with what tattoo you want to put on the upper back and this is one of the easiest areas to get one.
  • Shoulders and arms: Tattoos on the shoulders and arms can easily be hidden under a shirt if necessary.

Bad Places for Tattoos

There are some areas that shouldn’t be tattooed if you can help it. The foot area is a bad choice because it is among the least hygienic parts of our bodies. It is exposed to many things and an infection is more likely to happen on the foot. Additionally, while the new tattoo is healing, it will be uncomfortable for you to walk. The foot is also relatively small, leaving little room for the artist to work on their design. The rib cage is another spot to avoid when choosing a place for your new tattoo. It can be very painful, because there is not a lot of skin tissue above the rib cage and you could get blown out lines, which are thick, while somewhat cloudy along the edges.


Think Before You Ink


When getting a new tattoo, you should give it a lot of thought, because it’s likely to be a permanent part of your appearance. As an example, it is generally risky to put new tattoo on your face. Many people regret their decision to have a tattooed face, because their appearance is significantly altered. In many cases, even a small tattoo on your face could ruin employment possibilities, making it very hard for you to get a job. Although a tattoo artist will work hard to make their clients happy, they will also offer the best advice to make sure that their clients won’t regret their decision and end up with a tattoo they won’t like.

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