How Do You Know If Your Tattooist Is Up to The Job?

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If you are considering getting a tattoo, you will need to find the best tattooist for the job. Tattoos are permanent after all and you want the very best tattoo you can afford on your skin. Not only do you want quality work done by a professional, you also want to know that the tattooist [...]

How to Choose What Body Part to Get Tattooed

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Today, many people love to flaunt their new tattoos as they are proud of them and what they stand for. Tattoos have become a part of the modern fashion statement and people are adoring various parts of their bodies with them. Strategically positioned and well-designed tattoos can make your body look even more beautiful and [...]

What made Tattoo’s so popular

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Tattoos are often associated with metal heads and biker gangs and that is a stereotype that has slowly been changing over the past 5 decades or so. Tattoos have reached huge popularity in the United Kingdom and public exposure through music videos, films, TV programs and fashion models has contributed to that. They can be [...]

History of Tattoo’s

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Etymologically, the word tattoo is derived from the Tahitian word ‘tatau’ which means ‘to mark’. The history of the tattoo around the world is diverse, colourful and varied. In general, tattooing can be defined as inserting colored material beneath the skin surface. Perhaps, tattooing was discovered accidentally, when someone rubbed scars with warm ash as [...]

How to Care for Your Tattoo

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  Regardless of whether you have an old tattoo, or a new one, you need to be attentive with its care to keep it looking good, and to help it heal properly. New tattoos are essentially open wounds and they can be susceptible to infection. Because of this, you need to keep the skin dry [...]

Do Tattoos Hinder You from Getting a Job

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In 2018, with 1 in 5 people having a tattoo in the UK, do you think there would be more acceptance in the corporate world or do you think the fact that someone has a tattoo could actually keep them from getting a job? In short, will getting inked actually hurt your chances of getting [...]

10 Most Popular Tattoo Styles in UK

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RatedInk is your Go-To Tattoo Directory designed so you can find a tattooist most suited to you. How can you find a tattooist if you don’t know the style of tattoo you want? Learn about different tattoo styles to ensure you make the right decision and then find the most appropriate tattoo artist for the [...]

How to choose the perfect tattoo for you

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Choosing a tattoo design can be an overwhelmingly perplexing process if you don’t know exactly what you want or if you have concerns over choosing the wrong design. It is staying with you for life once it’s done (unless you undergo tattoo removal laser surgery); so it’s worth putting some thought into it and making [...]

How to become a Successful Tattoo Artist

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Thinking about becoming a tattoo artist? Not sure where to start? As demand increases for quality tattoo artists in London and Surrey more and more regular artists think they have what it takes to become one. Tattoo artist job opportunities are steadily rising and there is space in the market for more. In this blog [...]