Do Tattoos Hinder You from Getting a Job

//Do Tattoos Hinder You from Getting a Job

Do Tattoos Hinder You from Getting a Job

In 2018, with 1 in 5 people having a tattoo in the UK, do you think there would be more acceptance in the corporate world or do you think the fact that someone has a tattoo could actually keep them from getting a job? In short, will getting inked actually hurt your chances of getting hired?

Could having a tattoo hinder you from getting a job?

The answer to this question isn’t as simple as it should seem, but it isn’t difficult either. Could having a tattoo hinder you from getting a job? Yes and no, and we are going to tell you why.

In most industries, employers still hold negative perceptions toward body art and continue to stereotype, but these perceptions are changing quickly. The reason is the significant growth in the prevalence of tattoos over the past decade. We have to remember that tattoos are perceived differently by different employers and individuals and whether or not a tattoo could stop you from getting a job depends on that particular employer and their beliefs on the topic.


More companies are looking to hire younger, edgier employees and tattoos are more than likely looked at as an asset by these employers who are trying to build a brand identity which focuses on today’s youth. This can be seen in the fitness industry as personal trainers, whose tattoos are almost always exposed while at work, making tattoo culture more mainstream with their middle-aged clients.


More traditional companies whose target demographic includes older people are much more likely to view tattoos on job applicants negatively. Tattoos can actually be a deal breaker in a job interview. Still, some people say those “traditional” viewpoints are becoming more relaxed and tattoos are a lot more acceptable in all workplaces.

Since every industry and company is different, as are their beliefs toward tattoos, there are a few key things for job seekers to keep in mind:

Consider the location of your body art. Face tattoos don’t usually sit well with most employers, but tattoos that can be covered with clothing are usually accepted by employers.

Avoid offensive designs. It is your tattoo and the design is very personal to you but take a moment and think before you ink. If it is offensive or vulgar, perhaps it isn’t the best choice for your body.

Either cover them up or show them off. Covering up your tattoos or showing them off is company-specific, so you should always do your research before an interview. It might actually be helpful to show them off.

If you want a tattoo, get one. Don’t let the fact that you might not be hired for a certain position stop you as more companies are accepting body art and those are the ones you want to work for anyway.

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