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2609, 2017

Tattoo Allergic Reactions, Skin Problems & Treatments

Is the skin around your tattoo beginning to itch or swell? Are you afraid of a possible skin allergy or infection? Learn how to identify the symptoms. Having your skin pierced with a needle and [...]

106, 2017

5 Things you Need to Know before Getting Inked

5 Questions to Ask your Tattoo Artist Questions you should ask your Tattooist before you get started Some people spend a lifetime pondering whether to have a tattoo before rushing to the nearest tattoo shop [...]

1505, 2017

Who Owns the Ink on your Body? Learn about UK Tattoo Copyright Laws

Copyright Tattoo Laws in UK Do you know about UK Tattoo Copyright Laws? Tattoo copyright infringement is not something you hear about often as tattoos are mostly considered outside the realm of copyright issues. Have [...]

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Tattoo directory – All your questions answered at RatedInk by founder Harry Smith

RatedInk provides an honest and reliable directory service to facilitate your search for the perfect tattoo artist. We simplify the selection process by centralising tattooists in one place complete with options to read reviews, ratings and browse previous work at the quick touch of a button. Make informed decisions to avoid risk of infection, disease and regret.

“We are en route to becoming the national go to directory”

Learn different styles, research the most suited tattooists for the job, carry out relevant checks to ensure health and hygiene standards are maintained, find out about aftercare and learn how to spot symptoms for skin infections and allergies. This is crucial information that will prove useful throughout your tattoo experience.

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“We are focused on providing the market leading online tattoo directory service in the UK to help first-timers make informed decisions along the way. We are currently building our social media presence and you can stay up-to-date with ongoing developments through the RatedInk Blog. Discussions are being had with national TV for all your requirements and we have allocated an extensive marketing budget to social media management and other channels we believe could be fruitful”